• Skottle Cooking Lid


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    Skottle Cooking Lid

    No Skottle kit is complete without a cooking lid!  With a lid as part of your kit, there really isn't much you aren't able to cook up!  This lid is perfect for capturing that needed extra heat to cook so many items on your Skottle.  When not in use hang it from your S-Hook (included with lid purchase) attached to the leg mounting bolt.  

    The factory plastic handle is known to crack or break during transport.  We resolved that issue by creating a US made custom para-cord handle with stainless steel hardware.  With 12 color/design options to choose from there are great options for everyone!

    We have 3 size options available.  The standard lid 14" lid is the most common in use today as this is the lid that Tembo Tusk, etc. commonly carry.  We also offer 15" and 18" versions.  All three lids fit inside our Skottle Shell bag along with a propane bottle.  If you use another brand carry bag for your cover all 3 size lids should fit but the amount of other items you can store at the same time will vary.
    • NOTE: The 18" Jumbo lid is a heavier gauge material and more of a solid built lid over the 14/15" versions
    • Complete your Skottle kit with a great cooking lid
    • Expand the number items you can easily cook on your Tembo Tusk Skottle
    • Free S-Hook included for hanging when not in use   
    • Stainless Steel
    • 3 size options 14/15/18"     
    • Para-cord handle made in the USA