• Restop 2 - Single Pack


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    Restop 2 - Solid and Liquid Bag - Single Pack

    The RESTOP® 2 uses a patented "bag within a bag" design to safely contain and neutralize human waste. Restop contains the odor as well as the waste. The outer bag is a Mylar gas-impervious bag. The same polymers and deodorizers used in the RS1 are inside, with a slightly different set of enzymes for solid waste. The Restop 2 system contains the odor as well as the waste, providing a user-friendly and pleasant means to pack out solid waste. Ample toilet paper and a moist antiseptic towlette are included. The Restop 2 is a quick, convenient and environmentally friendly way to answer natures call.  For everyday use or just for emergencies.  Carry it in your pocket, glove compartment, tackle box or backpack. "Number 1" bags can be found by clicking here.

    • Kit Contents 1 "bag within a bag", a moist antiseptic towelette, and ample TP.
    • For men, women and children
    • Turns liquid into odorless gel
    • Mylar gas-impervious bag
    • Made in the USA
    • Proud Sponsors of Leave No Trace