• Prothane - Jack Stand Pads


    Prothane Jack Stand Pads

    A must-have garage item for any DIY auto enthusiast! This specially formulated set of soft urethane Jack Stand Pads is soft enough to protect your chassis but hard enough to stand up to the weight of your vehicle.  You have taken the time and effort to customize and maintain your rig, don't let your jack stand cause unnecessary damage when you work on it!  Available in 3 sizes.  Measure your jack stand head length and width and then select the Jack Stand Pads with a larger diameter.  It is okay to have extra room on the Jack Stand Pads, once gravity takes over the Jack Stand Pad stays in place providing optimum protection.

    • Rugged Urethane
    • Set of 2
    • Soft enough to protect, tough enough to last
    • 3 sizes to choose from
    • Small - fits jack stand heads up to 1.25" X 4.5"
    • Large - fits jack stand heads up to 1.5" X 6"
    • Wide - fits jack stand heads up to 2.5" X 4.5"
    • Red
    • Premium grade
    • Earth friendly minimum packaging
    • Made in the USA
    • Lifetime Warranty