• Propane Adapter Hose 5'

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    Propane Adapter Hose 5'

    If you are like us you use your Skottle Grill even when you are at home!  With easy clean up, a fun way to cook, ability to make just about anything, and way that people like to gather around the Skottle... it just makes sense!  Use this Adapter Hose to plug your 20 lb propane tank into your Skottle Burner.  No need to use up those valuable 1 lb cans when you have a 20 lb tank at home already!  When you are ready to hit the trails just unplug the hose from your Skottle Burner, (make sure the tank valve is closed first of course!) put your Skottle in your carry bag along with a 1 lb tank... and hit the road!

    • Convert stoves, portable BBQ grills or converted liquid stoves to Type 1 (QCC1) bulk cylinders
    • Stores nicely in your Skottle Shell bag for mobile use
    • Manufactured by Century Outdoors