Power Tank - Tire Inflator - 160 PSI - 6' Whip

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Power Tank - Tire Inflator - 160 PSI - 6' Whip

High pressure tires (80 PSI and above) are different from other tires and they require a special tire inflator to ensure your safety. This high pressure tire inflator is the first and only one with a 6 foot hose whip which is particularly important for the safety of the towman. This hose whip allows you to stand a safe distance from the tire while inflating it which is particularly important when its suspected that a tire has been driven under low pressure. This technique is recommended by every tire manufacturer. Driving with your high pressure tire below normal pressure can cause tire heat build up which will damage the internal structure of the tire to the point where it may burst during re-inflation. This explosion can cause serious or fatal harm. What makes Power Tank Tire Inflators better than others? They are made to withstand higher inlet pressures without leaking as Power Tanks may push over 300 PSI into them. That means special lube, o-rings, pistons, and gauges. And don't forget the limited lifetime warranty.

Features an easy to read 2.5" diameter SILICONE LIQUID FILLED dial gauge with rubber shock boot gauge protection. The advantages to a liquid filled gauge are longer life, shock resistance, and higher accuracy. But we don't use glycerin like other gauge which gets thick when cold slowing the needle to a crawl. Silicone offers all of the shock protection features of glycerin yet stays viscous in cold temperatures.  European style clip on chuck on a 90* elbow (this allows easy access to stems pointing towards 4x4 hubs or large hub caps). The body is a high flow design with an ergonomic thumb trigger, a solid brass piston, EPDM O-rings, and an ergonomically positioned pressure release button. This tool even works as a tire pressure gauge by itself. And don't forget the limited lifetime warranty. 
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  • Fully rebuildable
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Shock protection and liquid filled gauge