• Power Tank - Digital Tire Inflator - 60 PSI

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    Power Tank - Digital Tire Inflator - 60 PSI - 2' Hose

    Here' s the first 60 PSI PRO Series tire inflator designed for everything from racecar tires to passenger tires. The main feature of the PRO Series 60 PSI digital gauges is the accuracy over the 150 PSI digital gauge. If you don't need the high pressure readings you can now get 2.5 times the accuracy. That equals an accuracy of +/- .6 PSI. If tire pressure accuracy is what you need and you run tire pressure no higher than 60 PSI here's your inflator. It can also be used as just a tire pressure gauge. The easy-to-read digital display is back-lit for easy night reading and the display reads in increments of .05 PSI or 1/20th of a PSI. The Clip-on chuck means you can adjust pressure with just one hand.