• Colby Valve Emergency Tire Valve 2 Pack

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    NO TOOLS NEEDED.... With a Colby Emergency Valve you can replace tire valve stems without wheel removal!!! A Colby Valve is a MUST HAVE for every vehicle recovery and tire repair kit!!!!

    Machined from solid 360 brass bar stock, this valve stem replacement is 20x stronger than standard valve stems, and FAR exceeds typical valve stem PSI ratings. It requires no tools and installs within a few minutes from the outside of the wheel, ensuring that no matter where you are you will be able to easily replace any broken valve stem. No need to take a damaged tire to the shop – fix it in the field and continue your ride with confidence. The Colby Valve Emergency Valve is reusable and its unique design creates a perfect seal on any .453” wheel opening. This is a one-of-a-kind insurance policy that has no equal in the category. Never venture out on the trails without Colby Valve again. Grab a pack today! They aren't indestructible, but they will take one heck of a beating. 

    ·         Tool free installation

    ·         Installs from the outside of the wheel

    ·         Installs in about 1 minute

    ·         Fits standard .453 wheel/valve stem openings

    ·         20X stronger than standard valves

    ·         Made with quality 360 brass components

    ·         Made in the USA

    ·         Works on tubeless tires