• Bihlerflex - 30" Loop End Bungee


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    Bihlerflex - 30" Loop End Cinch Cord Bungee

    The Loop End Easy Stretch Cinch Cord Bungee is a 30" one piece Cinch Cord with a nylon hook integrated into one end and a loop on the other. Great for storage and organization it can stretch to 2x its length. The Cinch Cord is designed to fit around or through small openings, enabling you to strap down almost any object in any condition!  The Nylon end won’t scratch or gouge. Stretch range up to 2x original length, UV Resistant, Chemical Resistant, Waterproof, All Weather and All Temperature.  Immune to sun, cold,fuels, chemicals, and saltwater unlike many other tie down options.  Guaranteed for life against manufacturer defects when used as directed.

    • UV Resistant
    • Chemical and Gas Resistant
    • All Weather - All Temp
    • 27 LBS to stretch 2x length
    • Nylon Hooks
    • Limited lifetime Warranty
    • 100% Flexapure Construction