Frequently Asked Questions

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Sure, you could save a few bucks and buy a cheaper Chinese made alternative.  You might even save enough money on that one transaction to buy a case or two of beer AND you could say you helped China's economy! OR.... You could save even more money in the long run and own a high quality hand-crafted Custom Jack Cover that will last for many years! The bottom line is this....  We love Hi-Lift® Jacks! You really can't find a better jack of its kind on the market.  Other jack covers on the market, however, are nowhere near the quality of a long lasting marine grade product.  If you want the hands down best product to protect your jack, and look pretty darn cool while doing it.... our Custom Jack Covers are the only hand-crafted, all weather, dual layer, truly UV stable, marine grade, customizable, U.S. made jack covers available on the market today!  Some of our users say the awesome look alone adds 15 horsepower!*  As the saying goes... YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! Sure there are cheaper covers on the market… but if you have to buy that product 3 or 4... or 10 times over a lifetime are you really saving money??


YES!  Our Custom Jack Covers are made right here in Southern California!  And no, that doesn't mean we just buy a bunch of cheap Chinese materials and assemble them here in the U.S.  We believe that in order to make the highest quality products possible you have to start with the best materials available and then have total control of the manufacturing process.  We have sourced the highest quality U.S. made materials wherever possible, along with the highest quality American craftsman.  We believe that U.S. based companies should support domestic economies and small businesses whenever possible.  Sure, using this method adds a little cost in the long run... but we are confident that the quality of the products we deliver far outweighs that added cost; we hope you agree! Please join us in supporting American made products!


Most in stock covers are sent out same day.  If you order later in the day your cover will likely leave our warehouse the following day.  Timing varies for made-to-order covers, custom designs/colors, etc.  Please allow 7-14 business days for processing made-to-order covers and custom orders (although we are sometimes able to get them out within a few days). Once your order ships, the transit time depends on the type of shipping you selected and the terrain the delivery vehicles encounter along the way.  We hate sitting around the house waiting for deliveries to arrive so we do our best to update you with tracking info as soon as possible. You can then keep track of where your package is and know when to hang out curbside.   If you have any questions about order timing, rush orders, etc. please contact us.  Please check our home page for any current delays in shipping due to special events we are attending, weather, etc.  


Yes, the cover itself is waterproof.  With our dual layer design made of marine grade vinyl and 100% neoprene rubber, water has no chance of getting through the cover. Keep in mind though; it is not possible to prevent 100% of water/dust/zombie slime, etc. from getting beyond the ends of the cover.  What our covers do is keep out a vast majority of elements that would otherwise wreak havoc on your jacks mechanical parts; they also help to keep your jack dry, properly lubed, and protected.  Remember...A DIRTY JACK IS A DANGEROUS JACK!!  Under normal conditions you will not even need to re-lube a properly lubricated and protected jack before each use.  Always lubricate your jack as directed by the factory instruction manual.  For overall rust prevention we recommend using a dry lube on the entire running gear (allow it to fully dry) before installing your cover.  Feel confident knowing that when you need to use your jack you will find it clean, lubricated, and ready to use. 


Well.... not by itself....  jacks often rust because the coating (paint/powder coat) applied at the factory is thin, and when it chips and flakes off, bare steel is exposed.  Any time you mix air, moisture, and bare steel you are going to end up with corrosion over time.  As it is not possible to create a water/air tight cover, you can eventually end up with some rust spots on your jack if you don't apply proper protection.   For proper and safe operation always lubricate your jack as directed by the factory instruction manual.  In addition to the factory recommended maintenance and to prevent rust we recommend coating the entire running gear (parts covered by your jack cover) with a good quality dry lubricant/protectant with PTFE.  Dirt will not stick to equipment lubricated with a dry film, and metal surfaces protected by a quality dry film lube will not corrode!  We have good luck with DRI-FILM® by Super Lube® and Blaster® Dry Lube.  WD-40® recently started selling a dry lube/ PTFE spray that is another good alternative for coating your jack's running gear. Wet lube products like WD-40® (original formula) act as an attractant to dirt and grime when they are used to cover large sections of your jack, and can sometimes cause more problems than they fix!!  While wet lubes are fine for use on the specific parts of the running gear that require lubrication for operation, we do not recommend coating the entire running gear with wet lube for the purpose of rust prevention.  With a good coat of dry lube on the running gear, and use of one of our Custom Jack Covers, even jacks with chipped coating will be highly corrosion resistant.


No. Some people think that simply covering their jack alone will actually cause rust; that is not true. As explained above, rust is a result of chipped and worn off paint.  Under normal use the cover helps to keep the running gear nearly dry, helping to prevent rust. As our covers are made from nearly all 100% water proof material the amount of water, rain, etc. that gets beyond the edges of your jack cover will depend on you mounting setup and the conditions you encounter.  If the factory coating has flaked or chipped off your jack leaving bare steel exposed it is important that to prevent corrosion you remove any surface rust and coat those areas with a high quality dry lube and keep your jack covered with a jack cover.  Using a jack cover also helps the protective layer of jack lubricant/dry lube last even longer, keeping your jack rust free and always ready to use for years to come. 


You will find that under average conditions your Custom Jack Cover requires very little attention.  Depending on the location you have your jack mounted, some atmospheric grime (aka kamikaze bugs, UFO exhaust, etc.) might accumulate over time.  Mild soap and water is all that is needed for regular cleaning.  For heavy soiling use a 1:1 solution of water and a common household cleaner such as Formula 409®, Fantastik®, or Mr Clean®.  303® Products Fabric and Vinyl Cleaner is also a great product.  Do NOT use alcohol based cleaning agents. There are a number of cleaner/protectant products on the market that work well and will help to keep your jack cover looking new for many years.  303® Aerospace Protectant is one of our favorites.  While your cover is already UV stable and weather resistant 303® not only adds an additional layer of SPF 40, it adds protection from the elements and will help repel dust, dirt, smudges, and stains.  This is a great silicone free product that finishes dry with no greasy or oil feel.  If you are not familiar with 303® products look em up! 303® Aerospace Protectant is an amazing product; we use it to protect nearly everything we can around the shop and on all of our vehicles  A little bit goes a long way and you can use it for tons of other applications like plastic panels, dashboards, tires, plastic fenders, engine parts, etc.  

If you take your off road rig into serious mud pits or extremely dirty environments we recommend you remove your cover and give it, and your jack, a good cleaning after each outing.  It is also a good idea to remove your jack cover whenever you wash your vehicle (you do wash your vehicle right!?) just to make sure no foreign objects have made it their home without paying rent!  Remember, never use a jack that is not properly lubricated and in clean working condition.  A jack cover makes keeping your jack clean and lubricated a whole lot easier!  In addition to following the factory recommended lubrication, we highly recommend using a dry film lubricant on the running gear for long lasting lubrication, rust prevention, and to avoid attracting dirt/grime like wet lubes can do.


We guarantee our Custom Jack Covers are the highest quality UV stable marine grade jack covers available.  We guarantee our products will be free of defects in material and craftsmanship when they arrive.  We personally inspect each and every cover for proper construction and fitment before it ships.  If you receive a defective or damaged product please let us know right away and we will take care of you immediately (in addition to cranking out some extra punishing shock therapy for the craftsman and delivery driver)!

Our warranty covers a 6 month period from the date of purchase, and is a common sense based policy.  If your cover breaks as a result of defective materials and/or workmanship, or failure of any of the components (i.e. "our fault") we will repair or replace it.  If you purposely or accidentally abuse, misuse, or fail to properly maintain your cover (i.e. "your fault") service will be on a case by case basis.  We really want to do whatever we can to take care of our customers... but if you want to test the durability of your cover by wrapping it around a few sticks of dynamite and blasting it with your AR... well... we probably won't be able to help you!!**

Treat your cover well, with proper care and a little common sense, and it will take care of you for many years to come!!  For a complete list of terms and conditions click here.

Examples of some things not covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Jack mounts, mount bolts, wing nuts, etc. digging into the cover causing wear marks or holes.
  • Additional accessories, straps, etc. being tied to or near the cover causing tears or holes.
  • Rips/tears caused by dropping/placing a covered jack on the ground, rocks, etc.
  • Damage caused by items such as shovels, axes, spare tires, etc. mounted on or near the jack.
  • Any misuse or abuse resulting in a damaged cover.

* Use of this web site does require a sense of humor.  We believe life is too short to not have fun whenever possible.  If you do not have a sense of humor or have misplaced it we have a few left at discounted pricing.  Please send a $500 deposit via Unicorn Express and then wait for delivery by our Flux Capacitor powered Monster Truck.  15 extra horsepower claims have not been independently verified, individual results may vary. In all seriousness.... thanks for stopping by!  
** We are all for good fun at the shooting range but we are not suggesting the use of explosives for the purpose of testing the durability of our covers.  While we do believe our covers are solid... we do not think they would hold up to high powered explosives, so please do not try, sorry.  Always remember the 10 rules of firearm safety when bowing stuff up.