Our Custom Jack Covers are available in two standard lengths - 11" and 15" (these are the lengths of the zippers).  The best length cover for your jack depends on the type of mounts you use, which jack bar holes your mounts use, and the placement of your running gear (parts of the jack the cover protects).  Minor adjustments to your jack setup/configuration (when possible) can allow for use of the longer cover if desired.  For reference, our 11" cover is 1 hole shorter than the Hi-Lift brand of neoprene covers.  

When possible, avoid mounting your jack/cover with the "nose" of the running gear facing down.  As the zipper and zipper tape are not waterproof, some water can get past them and into the cover.  Although the cover does still keep out dirt and grime when mounted nose down, it is not the ideal position for mounting.  The best position for a horizontally mounted jack is with the nose facing up whenever possible.  Because some mounting situations require the jack to have the nose facing down, all of our covers are made with a grommet in the nose section to allow for water draining during extreme storms and deep water crossings.  The grommet is just large enough for water to drain out when mounted nose down, but not so large that is lets much water in when mounted nose up.    

If you mount your jack with the running gear in the lowest position (where is rests on the base of the jack) it is important that you know which type of jack you have.  The cast/steel versions have a stamped steel base like the black version below.  The all-cast and X-Treme versions have cast bases like the red version below.  There are slight variations in the two types of jack bases that cause the running gear to sit a little higher on the stamped steel base than it does when resting on the cast base (outlined in yellow below).  If you do not mount your jack with the running gear in the lowest position, but rather with it "floating" somewhere along the bar, the available jack bar holes on both sides of the cover are the same regardless of  which version jack you have.  Photos of common mounting scenarios are included below, including details of the number of holes covered by both standard sizes of our covers.

Once you know the size cover you want visit the 11" JACK COVERS PAGE or the 15" JACK COVERS PAGE and find the color you want... there are over 20 to choose from!!!  If you find a color that you like, but it is currently out of stock, you can order a made-to-order cover in the color you want.  There is no extra charge for a made-to-order cover... you just might have to wait a little longer to get it.  Got questions!? Don't hesitate to call or e-mail us, we are happy to help you get just the right jack cover!